What It’s Really Like to Take the WSET® 2 Wine & Spirits Course Online

The WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits online is a total waste of time and money.

Even if you are a complete beginner in the world of wine, you can save £240+ by doing a bit of self-study, and test directly into the next level, WSET® Level 3.

This is because WSET® 2 is a very short course on the very basics of wine. Anyone can get to the next level of the WSET® qualifications with very little effort. Even if you have never had a sip of wine in your entire life.

Plus, as an online course… IT’S SELF-STUDY ANYWAY. So save your £ and do the self-study… uhm, yourself.

I will provide all the details below on exactly how to do so, as well as providing all the (free) resources you need.

First, a few facts on WSET® Level 2:

  • It is a “beginner to intermediate level” course, as stated on the official WSET® course description here. So, if you already have some wine knowledge, WSET® 3 will be a more appropriate level—you simply have to pass the online test.
  • It is a four week course. The official course syllabus is here (yes I know, WSET®’s marketing department has made it look like a robust course. However, I’ll be breaking down every single wine fact you need to know so that you can skip all the BS and head straight into Level 3).

Self-study the full and complete curriculum below (it’s self-study if you take the online course anyway) and you can skip straight to Level 3.

The textbook they use is WSET®’s own “Wines and Spirits: Looking Behind the Label”. All readings for WSET® 2 are from this textbook. So, you will need to purchase the textbook directly from WSET® here (£20.85). Now that you have the textbook, you are all set to pass the WSET® Level 3 entrance exam. You just need to self-study the textbook. If you’d like to follow the same structure for students taking WSET® 2, fear not.

Below is the full course for WSET® Level 2 Award in Wine and Spirits:

Week 1: Factors Influencing Style, Quality & Price

Week 2: White Grape Varieties (Study time: 5 hours)

Week 3: Black Grape Varieties (Study time: 5 hours)

Week 4: Sparkling, Sweet & Fortified Wines, Spirits & Liqueurs (Study time: 5 hours)


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